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Guidelines for working in mixed teams – Work in Progress

In the context of the Europeam Bibiodrama Facilitator Training we started to collect these guidelines 2017. You find this document below “Anhänge” i.e. “Attachments”.

You are invited to make your comments.

Guidelines for Leading in cultural mixed Teams
Work in Progress (started 2018, Aug. 10th)

In Hamburg we started 2017 to collect guidelines for leading in cultural mixed teams. We identfied this maximes.
Please complete it:

  1. Take enough time to know each other. Mark your fix ‘points’ / essentials!
    Do you have the same level / targets (eye level / Augenhöhe!)?
  2. Take time to prepare.
  3. Let space for the ideas of the other and new ideas! Go a step back now and then.
  4. Accept other ways but stand by your own.
  5. Organise time space for communication during the process./ Breaks for evaluation and reflection.
  6. What about the ability to change the plan, flexibilty?
  7. Avoid working together if you can’t imagine to work together in an satisfying way.
  8. Clear the roles of your working together: Are you Co-leaders at the same level or is one an assistant?
  9. Make clear appointments before you define who is doing what!
  10. Accept that every Bibliodrama process is an adventure.


Open Questions:

  1. Discussions on open scene?
  2. ‘Think of the necessity of interrupting’ (???)
    Please explain this quotation! (WW asks for.)

Head of education
Dr. Wolfgang Wesenberg




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