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After the workshop Jes resumed:
Dear friends
I would like to share my personal conclusions on the discussion we had about A the bibliodrama rules and B Basic Bibliodrama
A. For me thanks to our conversation in became clear that in the way I want to lead bibliodrama I will take care of explaining a minimum on in what way I understand the rules. The most important issue here is the responsibility of the leader or the participant. I want to introduce each time what it means: it means that we give each of you the task to find out for yourself what you need. We trust that you will ask for the help of the leader or one of the other participants if you need so. Nevertheless will I as a leader take care to make sure that everyone can go his own way after the bibliodrama feeling safe and supported.
The discussion helped me to see clear on this. I don’ t have to agree with other opinions.
B. Basic bibliodrama. Basic bibliodrama is not the same as A basic bibliodrama or “basic” to call some activity a bibliodrama.
For me the conversation made it clear that “Basic Bibliodrama” means to me that the basis structure of building a bibliodrama is used: arriving in the room, in the group, introduction and warming up, text, roles, play, out of the role, sharing, closing.
“Basic” for talking about bibliodrama is that in one way or another there is a text, story, quote and participants use there body to explore and get in a role in a way.
So thanks to you all. It helped me to see clear on my own interpretation.


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