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  • @mariaioana
    Dear Maria,
    how are you? Did you arrive well?
    Some photos you can find in the ‘Bilder’. And the protocoll.
    Greetings from Thessaloniki

    • Dear Wolfgang,
      Yes, thank you, I was same home on Sunday very morning after a looong trip by train from Bucharest…
      From Monday I restarted my work, difficult after the time in Greece. I will have two difficult weeks, this one and the next one, then I will have two weeks of holidays for Easter, so I’m planning to have more time for preparing the…[Weiterlesen]

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  • Wolfgang Wesenberg postete ein Update vor 1 Jahr

    Here you can find the sketches of final projects made in Järvenpää: https://gruppen.rpi-virtuell.de/docs/test-4/ or documents > final project sketches.

  • maria-ioana postete ein Update vor 1 Jahr, 1 Monat

    Hello everyone!
    I wrote an article about the experience in Finland for our regional newspaper and I will need also o photo…
    Do you agree to use our group-photo?
    If someone is not willing to use our common photo, please answer me until Sunday evening…
    Or, if any of you is ok to have his/her own photo (Kimmo’s workshop, maybe one with no profil…[Weiterlesen]

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  • maria-ioana postete ein Update vor 1 Jahr, 1 Monat

    @wesenberg Dear Wolfgang,
    Just some few words…
    Early in the morning, with tears in my eyes and a shiny smile on my face…
    I had such a great… touching… powerful… full of significance Insight…
    I was searching for more info to put them together and to prepare myself for the course…
    I re-opened the A3-Document, but this time, incredible…[Weiterlesen]

    • Your lines get me into the bibliodrama world in the morning! How beautiful! We’ll see where the text leads us.
      Have a good trip!
      See you soon!

      • Dear Wolfgang,
        I’m glad that my words guided you into the special world of BD!
        Because I know this feeling!
        I know how empowering is…
        Yes, we have only few days left…
        I’m like a child waiting for a sweet icecream in a summerday 🙂
        This morning I received on email the bill from the organizer, maybe the other participants too…
        I sent it to…[Weiterlesen]

        • maria-ioana antwortete vor 1 Jahr

          Dear Wolfgang,
          The bank announced me that I received money from the GfB, so thank you GfB!
          And THANK YOU-personally again for everything, for your support and the encouriging thoughts that you always had for me!
          This helped me a lot!
          Being there again with you all and staying in contact with BD is for me also a way “to fight” the big War I have…[Weiterlesen]

  • maria-ioana postete ein Update vor 1 Jahr, 1 Monat

    @beata Dear Beata,
    I’m back 😊
    I’m back in my normal life, back in my job, back in my dreams and hopes and future plans…
    So, look at me… back again in BD group – I hope so 😊
    I few days we shall meet in Finland, to the course …
    But before that I hope to meet you even earlier at the Arthur Hotel in Helsinki, where I booked a room for the 10/11…[Weiterlesen]

    • Dear Maria-Ioana,
      I am happy with you!!!
      On Saturday i must go already with Maria und Wolfgang, but after course I will stay untill sunday and I would like to be with you. we can speak about it in Finnland.
      I am so happy that you will come to Helsinki!!! I missed you very much.
      My phone: 515 701 697. I am alsow on Whatssapp.
      God’s blessing be with…[Weiterlesen]

      • Dear Beata,
        Thank you for your answer!
        Now I understood, so we will meet directly to the course plance, but in return we will have some time at the same hotel…
        I will add you also on Whatsapp to be easier to comunicate 🙂
        Thank you and I wish you a safe and good trip to Finnland
        See you soon!

        • Dear Maria-Ioana,
          I regret, but it is so that we will meet us only on Monday, but after we will have some time for us.
          Good trip and return to us
          See you in Finland – don’t forget to take warm clothes:)
          Yours Beata

          • Dear Beata,
            Hope you all are well!
            I’m now laid down in my room in Arthur Hotel 😊
            Yes, I arrived well, not so difficult to travel but I leaved my house 3am this morning…
            Now 30 min of resting and I’m planning to go a little bit outside for a walk, and to check the tomorrow morning departures from the bus station just to be sure 😊
            Have a gooood…[Weiterlesen]

  • @mariaioana Hallo Maria Ioana, greetings in the morning. Yesterday we started our work with the projects of Anja & Vilhelmina (in the Lithuanian way, where playing is only one step in a longer process of selfreflection) and of Birgit and Bente (Vers by Verse).
    All were very close to you when I told about your fate. We also wish you were here.

    • Dear Wolfgang,
      Thank you for your letter!
      I’m sure that you and the group would have a great week there and many touching experiences…
      Exactly what I miss and need more now – deep and touching insights, reflections… ways of understanding WHY something happens in the way it does…
      Thank you for all the group!
      I know they all are sensitive and…[Weiterlesen]

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